About company

AGRO-PARTNER is a company specialized in production of parts for machines.

We are gaining our experience since 1989, cooperating with companies from France, Germany, Netherlands and Poland.

Our activities are focused on machine industry, mainly the production of parts and components for agricultural machinery and automotive industries.

The largest recipient of our products is a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment KUHN S.A. from France. In the production processes we are using the most current manufacturing technologies:

  • „  Laser cutting of metal sheets and tubes
  • „  CNC and conventional machining
  • „  CNC sheet metal bending
  • „  Robot and manual welding
  • „  Casting
  • „  Water jet cutting
  • „  Heat treatment
  • „  Galvanic treatment
  • „  Powder coating
  • „  Cataphoresis painting


The goal of our company is to combine the highest quality of products and services with competitive prices.